Do you want a quiet, focused mind that plays positive, inspiring messages on loop?

Do you want a strong healthy body that makes you feel like a god/goddess?

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Yoga is not simply breathing and moving into sweaty pretzel like positions – a yoga practice is a genuine life long journey into awakening our exceptional gifts and connection to each and every sentient being, to the universe, and to spirit.  Here at Sanctuary and the Soul Culture Yoga School we offer many modalities to support an authentic expression of yogic consciousness through the mind, body & spirit.

Our approach to private work is guided by the uniqueness of each and every client, and can adapt over time to new growth, challenges & goals.  Services include immersive private yoga asana (postures) study, practicing various styles of meditation, Reiki, JivAtma Energy Healing, Sound Healing and Soul Mapping.  We look forward to serving you.

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