Kalanidhi Dow-Spielman

Clarence Dow-Spielman, aka Kalanidhi das (or Kala for short), is a multi-passionate entrepreneur, teacher, coach, behavior therapist, activist, musician, RYT-certified yoga instructor, Reiki master, life-hacker, and passionate activist for integrating ancient wisdom into modern living.

Born into a musical lineage, Kala sees musicianship as a lifestyle modality through which he works with individuals, groups and institutions to clarify vision, identify activating language, and optimize performance through the cultivation of broad and deep best practices. As a healer and the creator of Soul Sound Energy Healing, he creates soundscapes and channels meditative guidance to tune in on a soul level and experience healing, wholeness, and Divine expression.

Together with his wife JaiShree, Kalanidhi also co-leads Bliss Body Alchemy workshops, as well as retreats to India, Costa Rica, and Vermont. They also bring Kirtan, the call-and-response chanting practice of Bhakti Yoga, throughout New England and abroad with the Prema Bhakti Band.

To learn more and stay attuned with Kala, visit clarencedow.com