Briana Grieco

Briana started her yoga training back in 2002 in her first semester in college and knew from her first class that she found her true calling in this universe.  She has a Veterinarian Technician degree from the SCCC and was licensed to rehab wildlife when she lived on Long Island.  She is the owner of Mandala Garden Farms and is passionate about teaching people better ways of farming organic plants and raising backyard flocks using organic options.  She teaches My Mandala children’s yoga with her two beautiful children by her side.  She also teaches Power, Gentle, Restorative and Guided mediation.  She was taught many life lessons on the ability to heal one’s self after she had to have multiple spinal surgeries caused by a car accident back in 2003.  Briana is also a Wellness advocate for doTerra educating people on natural health options through plant based therapies.