Angela Maione

Angela Maione is an artist, Reiki II practitioner and a free spirit who began her yogic journey in 2005 looking for something to calm her anxiety, deepen her spiritual connection and help heal her broken heart. She began solely practicing Hatha yoga for 5 years.
She soon found it helped ease her mind yet it left her feeling like she needed something more. As she continued her journey, her personal practice shifted. She began to explore Restorative yoga and in 2012 she took a deeper dive into alignment-based Iyengar. It was then that she fell in love with her personal practice that allowed her
to face her heartbreak and peel back the layers of deep wounds. Angela is a 200 hour RYT Dharma Coach Yoga Teacher graduate who has studied with Kathryn Whitney.


Throughout her yoga journey she worked through her anxiety, became more aware of herself and discovered a greater sense of inner peace. Her desire is to ignite a passion

within others to follow their hearts and begin to transform their lives with the gift that is yoga.


She believes that the purpose of the asana is to foster a sense of calm through the physical practice, breath and meditation. Within the postures there are moments where the journey inward begins and the seed is planted to cultivate growth