Amanda Given

Amanda Given, founder of Govinda Yoga Play, has been practicing yoga for 10 years on and off.  4 years ago she finally dove into it seriously and completed her 200 yoga teacher training with Soul Culture Yoga School out of Sanctuary Yoga and Healing Center in Peabody, MA.

She has 15 years of experience with children and adults as a Speech Pathologist. Amanda completed her Masters at the Institute of Health Professions at MGH in 1995.   

Presently, her two girls have left for school and she is furthering her business in children’s yoga. Her why is getting up daily and serving an amazing youth tribe that stretches from the Northshore to the inner cities surrounding Boston.  Amanda is truly committed to helping children break down their walls of fear i.e. Criticism, bullying, judgment guilt and shame to name a few. To help them foster forgiveness, gratitude, kindness and loving compassion for themselves first. She does this with the hope to have them feel alive and present in this modern cyber social and academic world we live in; to have the courage to love anyone regardless of another persons race, creed, religion, sexual orientation or socio economic status.

Amanda’s motto: “Forgiveness and compassion to ourselves and others is the key to an abundance of love in our lives. Be humble, do kind things just because and have an open heart.”

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