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WORKSHOPSPhilosophy, Music, Community & More

Bhagavad Gita Class
Weekly • Mon 7:30–8:30PM

Sound Bath Restore
Weekly • Thu 7:30–8:45PM

Prenatal Yoga
Weekly • Tue 7:30–8:45PM

HeART Flow & Soul Painting


Total Life Cleanse Book Reading
Feb 23  • 7–8:30PM

Mar 3 • 7–9PM

AromaTouch Yoga
Mar 10 • 7–8:15PM


Gong Bath
Mar 16  • 7–8:30PM

Reiki Level I & II
March 24 & 25



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SOUL CULTURE YOGA SCHOOLGet Certified at Sanctuary

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200-hour Teacher Training with JaiShree + Master Teaching Team

JaiShree invites you to immerse yourself in a practical spiritually based lifestyle that she has cultivated over 20 years and 3 continents. The foundation of Soul Culture Yoga School is rooted in embodying transformational healing habits that empower students to discover their bliss. We plug into an eternal energy source, commit to a personal mission, and inspire from our soul.

Jonathan Glass, LAc

Discover + embody the 5,000 year old healing wisdom + technique from Master Ayurveda Doctor Jonathan Glass of the Healing Essence Center.

Maureen “Mo” Bruno Roy, LMT, RYT

In addition to being a bodyworker + yoga teacher, Mo has been an Elite cyclist competing Internationally in cyclocross from 2003-2015. She offers a master insight into anatomy, physiology + the biomechanics of proper form to flow.

Michael Geary, PhD

Michael Geary’s vast knowledge of Vedic Astrology, ancient wisdom living techniques + authentic love for humanity guides all who speak with him towards their highest evolutionary path.

Kalanidhi, RYT

As a lifelong musician, professional educator, yoga teacher + studio owner, Kalanidhi helps to break down concepts, integrate knowledge with practice, and share individual perspective in supportive dialogue.





In collaboration with their beloved mentors and friends Shiva Rea and Demetri Velisarius, Kalanidhi and JaiShree Dow-Spielman opened the doors to Sanctuary, Center for Yoga and Healing in November 2016.

Sanctuary is a new collective format of yoga studio where guest facilitators of all healing modalities enjoy the essence of freedom and creative dominion in leading their classes and workshops. Our intention is to host incredible educators and students of all faiths and a variety of movement, music, philosophy, and healing modalities. We are opening the door for new and established teachers to share their gifts and lineages. Sanctuary is now homestead for local and global Soul Culture Yoga, PranaDanda Yoga, and Prana Vinyasa Yoga systems and Tribes to come together in one beautiful central location.

As a world renowned yoga pioneer and global activist, Shiva Rea is a shining gift to all of us western yogis. She is a creative catalyst and life artist, fire dancer and wave rider, and the creator of Prana Vinyasa Yoga. Shiva’s life partner, Demetri Velisarius, was truly the spark behind Sanctuary as he sounded the call for a community haven of movement, music, and healing arts on the North Shore. Demetri is a third generation Peabody native, a world traveling yoga teacher, movement and meditation specialist, and the co-creator of PranaDanda Yoga.



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